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Book 1: Extraordinary Canadians by Peter Mansbridge and Mark Bulgutch

Extraordinary Canadians is a collection of first-person stories about remarkable Canadians who embody the values of our great nation--kindness, compassion, courage, and freedom--and inspire us to do the same.

This book is about celebrating and building community. It’s a positive read that will leave you feeling proud to be Canadian. There is a “dream big” tone to the book that will encourage readers to feel that “if they did that, maybe I could too”. At the same time, there is a reflective quality to this book that will allow readers to reflect where they were at that particular time in their lives. Readers can pick and choose stories, or read cover to cover. The stories cover a diverse selection of Canadians and will appeal to a wide range of readers. In these difficult days, this is a timely positive read.


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Book 2: The Pull of the stars by Emma Donoghue

The Pull of the Stars is the newest title from Emma Donoghue, best known for her 2010 novel, Room. This historical novel is quite timely, set in Ireland in 1918 against the backdrop of the First World War, the Irish uprisings and at the height of the Spanish Flu.

The doctor, who is one of the main characters in the story is based on a true historical figure. This searing account demonstrates an incredible amount of research that Donoghue weaves throughout her story. It explores life, death and love during a pandemic. It also highlights the toll that a community spread health crisis takes on our incredible front line workers. The Pull of the Stars will leave a deep impact on you long after reading.


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Book 3: Indians on Vacation by Thomas King

Indians on Vacation offers a poignantly funny and layered story with rich characters that provides opportunities to reflect on life, marriage, politics and more.

With a postmodern mode of storytelling King invites us to settle into an intimate conversation with his characters in postcard like glimpses into their lives. Humour is the vehicle by which the author explores the inner and outer worlds of indigenous couple Bird and Mimi as they take a once in a lifetime trip to Europe. While the book follows their meandering trip the reader is delivered sometimes sharp and gently cutting glimpses into the reality behind the laughs.



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Book 4: Butter, Honey, Pig, Bread by Francesca Ekwuyasi

The beautiful writing in this debut novel by its Nigerian born Canadian author captivates you with a sensual story about 3 women estranged and disconnected risking self-discovery, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Ekwuyasi’s unflinching voice takes the reader on an intimate journey into the bonds of love and pain that connect families. The title represents 4 parts of the book and the different tastes, temptations, and scars that are revealed as 3 women navigate love, loss, and grief which threaten to unravel their relationship and untether family bonds. A complicated look at the longing for family, the role forgiveness plays in forging one, and the battles that have to be fought to maintain connection.



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About Oxford Reads

A collaboration between Oxford County Library and Woodstock Public Library.

A community-wide reading initiative that connects each of Oxford County’s unique communities while celebrating Canadian literature and fostering discussion.


Selection Criteria

After compiling long and short lists of potential titles, Crow was was selected by staff at Oxford County Library and Woodstock Public Library considering the following criteria:

  • Book is written by a Canadian author
  • Is a work of fiction OR non-fiction
  • Has the potential to appeal to a broad audience
  • Title can generate discussion on a variety of topics/issues
  • There is diverse program potential and can work as a community builder
  • The author will ideally have some name recognition or acclaimed work